Lucifer Vol. 1: Devil in the Gateway - Mike Carey Lucifer, Vol. 1 is not the best graphic novel I've read in the last year or so and not the worst. The artwork and production are, as one would expect from Vertigo, top notch. The stories included are good, but nothing like the other stuff I've been lucky enough to encounter in the last few months. Lucifer as a character - well, it's complicated, but not complicated enough to compel me to read the whole series. Still, there's a lot of potential for the retired prince of Hell. At times, I found him arbitrarily nasty, then not nearly nasty enough. I suppose that Carey is trying to add complexity to Lucifer's character, but the lightbringer becomes, in the process . . . well, muddled. Dark, even, but not in an interesting way. More foggy, I suppose. Maybe I'll pick up a copy of the later volumes and give Carey a chance to grow the character. But maybe not. I can't recommend this nearly as strongly as I can other graphic novels I've recently read, but I can't firmly say "you shouldn't read this," either. From me, it gets an underwhelming: "Meh. It's okay. Better than reading cheap romance novels, I suppose." Prepare to not be blown away.