I can never keep up with memes. So here's a blast from the past. Enjoy!


Booklet or Tome? Novella.


Pre-owned or New? Given my taste in books, it's rare that I actually find what I'm looking for in used book stores. This is a good thing, since I can't just willy-nilly go and buy new books. For me, the book is an investment of time and money, and I don't have much of each, so I go used first, then, if I can't find it used after a year or so of looking, I'll buy new . . . if I'm still interested in the book. I make exceptions for books that I am uber-excited about. I won't wait a year to buy them and I'll even occasionally pre-order a book I am particularly excited about.


Historical Fiction or Fantasy? There's a difference? Not in my writing!


Hardcover or Paperback? I strive for hardcovers and settle for paperbacks.


Funny or Sad? Funny enough, sad. Besides Wodehouse, are there any truly funny authors? I love books that can mix the two to satisfy my grim sense of humor.


Do You Prefer Reading in Summer or Winter? Summer. I read in Winter because there's not much else to do. I read in Summer because I really want to. I love going to the community gardens or arboretums or nature conservatories (there are many of these paradises in Madison, WI) and reading a book out in nature. Reading a book out in nature during a Wisconsin winter is hazardous to your health.


Classics or Mainstream? Yes, please. But mostly obscure works that have the potential to become classics or books that started out as obscure and have become cult classics.


Guidebook or Fiction? Fiction. I'm a man. I don't need directions . . .


Crime Novel or Thriller? I prefer books that have elements of each, but am not enamored of either subgenre. With a gun to my head, I'd say “Crme Novel”. Ironic, isn't it?


Ebook or Print? I prefer print. But I do read E-books, as well, just not nearly as often. I love the physical artifact of the book, how it looks, the heft of it, the way it takes up 3-dimensional space, it's smell, etc.


Collecting or Clearing Out? Depends on how good the book is. Fantastic books, I keep. I might even go hunting for a hardcover or limited edition if I'm in love with it. Otherwise, I take my loss and sell it to the used book store so I can buy more. Yes, I like losing money this way. It turns me on.


Internet or Bookstore? I love bookstores. But many of the books I want are so obscure that I can't find them at a bookstore, so I will order them over the internet. I long for bookstores that can afford to keep all those strange, bizarre, difficult to find titles that I want to buy. Alas, businesses have to make money and if they choose me as their target customer, they're aiming for a very small audience.


Backlist or New Publications? A little from column A, a little from column B.


Best or Bad Seller? Definitely bad. It's rare that I truly love a best-selling book. It happens, occasionally, but as a rule, give me obscure works and I will shout about them from the rooftops all day long. My taste thrives in dark, out of the way corners.


Cookbook or Baking Book? Cookbook, but only as an outline. Like I said, I'm a man. I don't need no stinking directions!