HTML help, please

Fellow booklikers, I suck at HTML. Seriously couldn't code my way out of a paper bag. So I'm looking at my blogger layout ( and trying to add a booklikes icon from here:


Problem is, blogger I can't figure out how to place it in my blogger layout. Once that's done, how do I ensure that someone clicking on that logo will make it over here to my booklikes page?


Any help would be appreciated.


PS: threw my back out with a herniated disk. Since I've been home from work all week, as a result, I've been able to quickly do my first-pass edits on Heraclix & Pomp, which is allowing me a sliver of time to read. Lemons into lemonade, people! But I don't recommend you go herniate your disk any time soon. I never knew that much pain was possible for a man (giving birth HAS to hurt more - I've seen my wife go through it 4 times, and it doesn't look particularly pain-free).