Good grief.

OK, I honestly didn't think I would "plug" Heraclix & Pomp for a while since my last post, but they've just dropped the preorder price to 32% off. That's $17.77 for the hardcover. So if you're into hardcovers, and like . . . well, the cover . . . you know what I mean . . . you could do worse than preordering it now. Apparently if the price drops any more (really?) you get the lowest price guaranteed. I won't pretend to understand why or under what circumstances they sell soooo low on a preorder, but if you want the hardcover, get it now! You might want to let your readerly friends know, as well. Or, if you have a readerly enemy, buy the book now, don't tell them, then, when they have to pay full price, flash the receipt and laugh maniacally. Here's the link:


Oh, and did I mention that Heraclix & Pomp will also be coming out as an audiobook? I'm hoping they can get Ron Perlman for Heraclix's voice. Or maybe James Earl Jones. Or Morgan Freeman. Or Patrick Warburton.


I have no idea who could do Pomp's voice best. I'll have to give that one some thought.


Thanks for your patience with this plug. Now I'm back to reading. This Hofstadter book is going to break me, I swear!