Heraclix & Pomp, the ARCs have landed!

The ARCs for Heraclix & Pomp are here at Casa del Aguirre. Now, fair warning, the cover for the ARC is a little different than the cover for the finished work. It's a hint of things to come. Think of it as readerly foreplay. I've taken some images, which I'll show below, but keep in mind that I'm still working with a dumb-phone with a crappy camera. The central image of the cover is a little faint in the photos, but, hey, it's faint on the real thing, too. Subtle. Dignified. And stuff. You can preorder the book through your local bookstore or, if you don't have a local bookstore, you can preorder the hardcover for 25% off right now at Amazon. Either way, get your copy! Our release date is now October 14, so there's plenty of time, but the book distribution services really like it when people preorder. Still not sure about this whole thing? Go read an early review of the book here and aninterview with yours truly here. If historical fiction and fantasy are your thing, and if you like the writing of Gene Wolfe, I am told that you will really like this book.

Here is the cover:


Sorry for the glare. I'm no photographer!

And here I am, ready to have a look inside:


Note the anticipation!
And here is the . . . WHAT THE. . .?!?!?!?
Oh, heck yeah!! I've got me a collector's item! Sorry, folks, but this copy I'm keeping for my grandkids' college funds! 
Alas, only the title pages, acknowledgements, and copyright page are upside down. Seriously, though. This is cool. And there's only the one! The others are all normal . . . well, as normal as you can get with my fiction. Which makes me . . .
Giddy like a schoolgirl! A schoolgirl wearing a Totenkopf who hasn't shaved for days and whose . . . nevermind . . .